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Asset-Based Long Term Care

Tom McDermott discusses with Jeff Norris some of the issues affecting retirees with traditional long term care and offers a solution to those problems with asset-based long term care.

  • Learn about the financial and emotional cost
  • Learn about medicaid spend-down
  • Learn how asset-based long term care can work for you

Learn How Annuities Can Provide You with a Steady Stream of Retirement Income

Annuities come in many forms, from fixed annuities that offer guaranteed income to variable annuities, whose payouts are based on the performance of the annuity’s investments. They can provide payments in a number of ways, from monthly, quarterly or annual payments to lump sum payouts.

Annuities can be a complicated and confusing vehicle for retirement planning, and they’re not necessarily right for every situation or investor. A financial advisor at Asset Protectors & Advisors can help you determine if an annuity is right for you, and which type of annuity will give you the kind of supplemental income necessary to meet your retirement goals.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Annuities for Retirement Planning?

  • Tax-deferred investment – only the earnings are taxed on withdrawal
  • Annuities have no annual contribution limits, unlike 401(k)s or IRAs
  • ALL the money you invest compounds, as taxes aren’t taken out until withdrawal
  • Numerous cash out methods provides flexible payout options
  • Can provide a reliable stream of income to supplement Social Security or other retirement income sources

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Enjoy the Peace of Mind That Only a Reliable Retirement Plan Can Provide

Our financial planners are passionate about helping Jacksonville residents retire in comfort.
Retirement used to be a simple affair. In the past, more people had pensions, Social Security was a more reliable source of retirement income and most people didn’t need to plan contingencies for outliving their savings. Things are different today, fewer people have pensions, Social Security is becoming a less-reliable safety net and people are simply living longer, more active lives in their retirement.

All these factors combined make it more essential than ever before to establish a clear retirement road map, and it’s never too early to start. Whether you already have a target date, you are already retired or you just want to get a realistic expectation of when you can comfortably retire, the financial advisors at Asset Protectors & Advisors are here to help.

We can help you understand the many complex insurance and investment vehicles that can provide the retirement income you need for the long haul, and give you realistic retirement options and expectations.

Some of Our Retirement Planning Products Include

  • Life, Health and Variable Annuities
  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • IRAs and Securities

We bring together a diverse team of financial planning experts certified in an array of investment and insurance options. Our team will use this wealth of knowledge to clearly lay out potential options that will help you reach your unique retirement goals.

401K & IRA Maximization

Taxes, fees and market risk may all consume a large chunk of your hard-earned money. By finding ways to lessen their impact and sometimes eliminate them, our financial advisors may help your money go a long way for you and your intended beneficiaries.

Proper retirement planning may lower and in some cases eliminate taxes that you are currently paying. Select advisors at AP&A are trained by Ed Slott to minimize taxes for you and your beneficiaries. Taxes may cost your IRA account over 70%. Don’t leave this tax burden to chance – call to ensure you are able to avoid these obtrusive taxes.

The market continues to set new highs, and historical numbers reveal that we may see another correction at any time. The last two corrections cost the S&P 500 over 50%. Many retirees lost huge portions of their retirement accounts and moved their savings out of the market. This caused many to miss the last bull market. You are able to participate in the gains of the S&P and avoid the losses that will happen in the next bear market. Get educated on financial planning today to avoid losing what you worked so hard for. Call now!

Some accounts have charged in excess of 5.25% simply to open an account. You don’t have to give up so much to get started. In fact, most of our accounts have $0 startup cost and low ongoing cost to help you keep what is yours!